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Jossalin's Story

Jossalin's story just tugs at heartstrings. Please please take every opportunity to educate people that animals deserve loving attention.

Due to unknown circumstances, Jossalin sustained a horrific injury and she no longer has her right rear leg. Her previous owners put her out into the backyard to die, with no food or water. What terrible cruelty she suffered, on top of the severe pain of a lost limb. A good samaritan neighbor rescued her and took her to the shelter, then she came to The Rabbit Haven.
Based on a discussion with Dr. Harvey this morning, Jossalin is doing very well today. She has had her IV catheter removed from her ear this morning as she is no longer in need of that! She is up and about eating and drinking well, and is happy to snuggle with the techs there at Chabot. Jossalin is surely missing her foster mom, Linda, but everyone at Chabot is helping her to feel safe and loved. Jossalin most likely feels much better now having that necrotic stump removed. She has already learned how to hop about with the one good hind leg. She is doing GREAT! She continues on pain medications and antibiotics and will now be going into the excellent post operative care of Rich at Rabbit Row today. Way to go Jossalin! Send get well wishes for our precious girl. What an ordeal to have your foot torn off, then be left alone to die outdoors. Just as her hope was fading, she was rescued and found love, medical care and comfort - tis the season!!! We are so happy to have her with us at The Rabbit Haven. Thank you again to Dr. Harvey and staff at Chabot Vet hosptial.

Despite the nasty circumstances of her past, Jossalin is a very sweet and friendly bunny. She limps to the front of her cage for head pets and settles in for cuddling on the shoulder. This bunny has guts and grit in spades!

Please keep Jossalin in your thoughts and prayers, and if you are able she would be very grateful for donations to help with the cost of her medical care and surgery. She thanks you in advance for whatever you do on her behalf. You can make a cash donation to help with Jossalin's expenses via Paypal, or donate by check.

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