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Huge Rescue Underway--Help Needed!

Dear Rabbit Haven family: Volunteers, donors and support family

Officials would not help! The local shelter would not help! Rabbits are dying daily at this site. So the lead coordinator for the San Jose area will begin tonight, saving as many rabbits as possible. We have to prevent more rabbit deaths at this site! You can help.

This is an all volunteer project. No one is paid. Our primarily objective is to save as many rabbit lives as possible and to bring them to health and safety, spay neuter and then find them homes. All rabbits will be treated, spayed and neutered and cared for.

Every evening rabbits are killed or are found dead at this site. Many die trying to find food or escape dogs that are allowed on the property to chase and kill these rabbits. The situation has become a crisis for these 100+ rabbits. This has to stop! We can do this. We can use your help! With the assistance of a handful of dedicated community members we will rescue the rabbits. Sunday 7-19-2009, the rescue will begin. Today is our first stage one “soft rescue”. Selecting animals from outside the perimeter. These are the ones most at risk.

If you can lend you hand to rescue call me and I will put you in touch with the coordinator of this rescue. 831 600-7479 or email director@therabbithaven.org. We need you! We need supplies too.

Here is a list of items needed- Urgently:

* Water bottles tiny ones and large ones.
* Food water Crocks 3” 5”
* Bags of food alfalfa pellets – clear pellets only please.
* Hay bales alfalfa and grass hay
* Hay racks
* Places to put precision pens with bunnies in garages extra rooms until we can get them spayed neutered- have space anywhere in your home?
* Transport assistance to spay neuter. Can you over night a bunny and take a group to spay or neuter.
* Veterinary support We need as many free or low cost spay neuters are we can get the least expensive we can find Is 50 for neuter and 60 for spay – I can get several done her in Santa Cruz but logistically that may pose a problem. Palo a lot spay and neuter already agreed to do 4 free. Ask you vet if they can do one or two. Everyone who contributes will receive a tax donation letter.
* Funds – send funds to www.therabbithaven.org use PayPal’s every cent you send for Mooreland will go to these rabbits -costs will be high. Many of these rabbits have injuries. Link to this page http://therabbithaven.org/cash_donations.htm the Rabbit Haven has set up a restricted fund account for this rescue.
* My first home or marchiaro cages small and large.
* Precision pens 30” 36”
* Chicken wire rolls
* Cotton balls bag of the them
* white vinegar- bleach- gloves
* KMR kitten milk replacement formula powered most likely best
* Bags of lactated ringers solution
* Pediatlite -unflavored large bottle – we have lots of babies. (avail at Drug stores)
* Infant simethacone (avail at drug stores)
* Sheepskin fabric (artificial of course.
* Snuggle safes
* Heating pads electric
* Baby blankets
* Flat sheets all sizes pillow cases all sizes
* Fleece blankets or fleece fabric we can cut up
* Scissors
* Gift certificates for food, greens, all needs – anywhere in San José or Los Gatos area.
* Marketing support, photo people, media people call me! 831 600-7479
* Gas cards to help our transport people.
* Litter and litter boxes all sizes types accepted
* Items for rabbit to play with once they are healed.

To drop off items please take to:

For other living things. 1261 south Mary street Sunnyvale ca: Hours items may be dropped off.: 9-7 M-S Sun12 to 4 Ask for Dennis or Anita
call us and we will arrange pick up of supplies. 831 600-7479

Together we can get this life saving rescue accomplished.


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