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URGENT: Save Madrigal

Hello everyone. I am Madrigal, and I am a lovely black lion head girl sitting on death row at a local shelter. I have a spot on my eye so they do not think I can be adopted. I CAN!

I am loving and sweet and I have so much joy in my heart. I want a family so much. I want a real person to love me who I can love back. I am calm and patient. If you want to talk I am a great listener. I can use a litter box! Will you please help me and get me out of here? My time is so limited and it makes me nervous every time someone comes in the cage room, I feel scared. I am prettier in person. Love, Madrigal.

Talk to Auntie Heather to find out more.

T: (831) 239-7119
E: director@therabbithaven.org
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